A is for ‘orses…


We begin the A-Z of London with the very first London A-Z, the oh-so humorous Cockney Alphabet.


A is for ‘orses

B for mutton

C for miles

D for dumb

E for Peron

F for vescent

G for police

H from Steps

I for the engine

J for cakes

K for teria

L for leather

M for size

N for lope

O for the rainbow

P for relief

Q for a bus

R for Fowler

S for Rantzen

T for gums

U for mystic

V for la France

W money

X for breakfast

Y for runts

Z for wind


Victorian Londoners would have thrilled to the Cockney Alphabet in the hallowed settings of an East End Music Hall. Here of an evening you would have discovered the famous Pearly Kings and Queens delighting in the witty wordplay and doing the Lambeth Walk. Everyone else, lacking any education, would simply laugh at all the rude bits and then set about beating each other up.


Music Halls may have long closed down, but an East End night out hasn’t changed much in 100 years.



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