An A - Z
of London

Capital Numbers

An alphabetical guide
to London

A is for 'orses
B is for Bow Bells
C is for 21st Century
D is for Dome
E is for Escalator
F is for Fog
G is for GLC
H is for History
I is for Information
J is for Jellied Eels
K is for Keeping Safe
L is for London Transport
M is for Money
N is for Nightbus
01 for London
P is for Plague
Q is for Queen
R is for Red Route
S is for Streets of London
T is for Thames
U is for Underground
V is for Villages
W is for WestEnders
X is for Charing X
Y is a Year in London
Z is for Zoo

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B is for Bow Bells

A ‘Cockney’ could be defined today simply as someone born on the big map at the start of EastEnders. However, in years gone by, true Cockneys were those born within the sound of Bow Bells. These are not the bells in Bow in the East End (which is just as well for those of us who live here trying to get some sleep) but are in fact the bells of St Mary-le-Bow deep in the heart of in the City of London.

Loud though the ‘great bell at Bow’ may be, nobody seems to have told Jamie Oliver that it cannot be heard far away in the nice middle-class villages of North Essex. However, the enormous success of EastEnd television has meant the inexorable spread of Estuary English across the country. How long before even Coronation Street characters start saying “Cor blimey guv’nor” and glottal-stopping?

Meanwhile teachers are struggling to educate a lazy generation of junior Mockneys, dropping their aitches and their standards, and only able to converse by grunting.

Be afwaid, be vewy afwaid.

Let's count Estuary

  1      Wun
  2      Ter
  3      Fwee
  4      Fir
  5      Fy
  6      Sih
  7      Ser
  8      Ay
  9      Ny
10      Teh