An A - Z
of London

Capital Numbers

An alphabetical guide
to London

A is for 'orses
B is for Bow Bells
C is for 21st Century
D is for Dome
E is for Escalator
F is for Fog
G is for GLC
H is for History
I is for Information
J is for Jellied Eels
K is for Keeping Safe
L is for London Transport
M is for Money
N is for Nightbus
01 for London
P is for Plague
Q is for Queen
R is for Red Route
S is for Streets of London
T is for Thames
U is for Underground
V is for Villages
W is for WestEnders
X is for Charing X
Y is a Year in London
Z is for Zoo

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G is for GLC

The Greater London Council was created in 1965 to be the elected voice of an independent London.

In 1986 the Prime Minister decided she didn’t much care for Ken Livingstone being the elected voice of an independent London so she abolished the council instead. County Hall was then sold off to become the new London Aquarium which, being full of sharks, means that not a great deal has changed.

In 2000 the new Prime Minister decided that London’s election laryngitis should end, but was highly annoyed when Londoners only went and chose bloody Ken Livingstone as Mayor again. However, Ken now has no powers to introduce any laws of any importance whatsoever, and so spends his days pretending to look busy and giving radio interviews moaning about the state of the Underground.

As a modern folk hero for the capital, Ken’s life story may one day replace that of Dick Whittington as the hero of a traditional Christmas pantomime. Mayor Ken is supported by his pet newt called Tiny (“Why’s he called Tiny? Because he’s my newt”) but pitched against the evil King Rat (take your pick from either Margaret or Tony). Ken finds that the streets of London are paved with gold, and so uses that gold to subsidise the local bus network. As is traditional in pantomime the role of principal boy is played by a female, although to meet recognised quotas she will have to be either a black lesbian or from an Asian transsexual collective in Stoke Newington. Book your tickets now.