An A - Z
of London

Capital Numbers

An alphabetical guide
to London

A is for 'orses
B is for Bow Bells
C is for 21st Century
D is for Dome
E is for Escalator
F is for Fog
G is for GLC
H is for History
I is for Information
J is for Jellied Eels
K is for Keeping Safe
L is for London Transport
M is for Money
N is for Nightbus
01 for London
P is for Plague
Q is for Queen
R is for Red Route
S is for Streets of London
T is for Thames
U is for Underground
V is for Villages
W is for WestEnders
X is for Charing X
Y is a Year in London
Z is for Zoo

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S is for Streets of London
Music (if not words) by Ralph McTell

Have you seen the young men every hundred metres
Selling the Big Issue in their worn out shoes?
A quid a time in pity, to survive our winter city,
Then off to sleep in doorways under yesterday's news.

     So how can you tell me London’s lovely
     And say the pavements here are made of gold?
     Let me take you by the hand and lead you through a sea of litter
     I'll show you something to make your blood run cold.

Have you seen the charity workers lurking with their clipboards?
”Can you spare a minute for leukaemia or the blind?”
Whenever they start talking, you just keep right on walking,
Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

Have you seen the tourists outside the Trocadero,
Blocking up the pavement with a camera in their hand?
They make you slow your pace, shove a rucksack in your face,
The Mayor should pass a law so they’re all banned.

Have you seen the young girls down the streets of Soho
Heads facing down, made up older than their years?
Came here seeking fame but now they’re on the game
London Town is not what it appears.