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34: Central London has an average of thirty-four days of frost each year.
34: There are thirty-four stations on the Metropolitan line, and also on the Docklands Light Railway.

35: 35% of London's 3 million households have only one occupant (compared to the national average of 30%)

38: 38% of London households have no car (compared to the national average of 27%)

40: The A40 trunk road runs from the Museum of London, heads west over Holborn Viaduct, along Oxford Street, over the Westway, under the Hanger Lane gyratory system and on towards Fishguard.

49: There are forty-nine stations on the Central line.

51: There are fifty-one stations on the Piccadilly line.

52: there are fifty-two stations on the Northern line.

60: There are sixty stations on the District line, more than on any other line.

73: London is represented in Parliament by seventy-three MPs.

102: The City of London recognises one hundred and two different livery companies, from the Mercers (1394) to the Worshipful Company of World Traders (2000).

135: 135 is the lowest number which is not the number of a London bus route. Not any more anyway.

275: There are two hundred and seventy-five London Underground stations altogether.

408: There are four hundred and eight escalators on the London Underground.

390287: Greater London covers three hundred and ninety thousand two hundred and eighty-seven acres.

7172091: According to the latest census, seven million one hundred and seventy-two thousand and ninety-one people live in London.